Current Interests

Economics of Education

From a human development lens, I am interested in the demand and supply of higher education (access and attainment based on geographic setting); the financing of higher education (what financial resources are available to various students and how this impacts on demand and supply) and; the return on investment (how does the attainment of higher education contribute to poverty reduction and to the wellbeing of individuals and communities?)

Philanthropy and Education

Drawing from personal experiences and involvement in various education initiatives, to understand the global practice and effect of private monetary and non-monetary contributions of resources to higher education and how this impacts on the public (individuals, communities and global development). What are the ongoing debates, academic research, and global discourses on the topic?

Education Policy

Based on my past and current research, I am interested in critically engaging further in assessing the successes and failures of the intended national and global objectives of higher education. This is in addition to analyzing the barriers experienced by students and those with a desire to pursue higher education, particularly the undocumented, as well as students from low-income households. What are the considerations and/or alternatives needed for inclusion in higher education?